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A world without end ?

"It was the end of Fantasia. Nothingness had left only a few fragments of this world which was rich and wonderful." The Neverending Story by Michael Ende - 1979


Jancovici, a guy who puts his foot down. Above all, he advocates energy reduction so that the 8 billion earthlings that we are can continue to live. The so-called rich countries pollute, waste and exhaust natural resources. Our economic and societal models must be rethought before it is too late! Our politicians must take an interest in it. In France, the subject is not even debated in the presidential campaign. Jancovici thinks that awareness must be done directly at the level of citizens and he focuses his work in this direction. If we want our grandchildren to be able to live decently and not suffer too much from the devastating consequences of global warming, it is time to deal with the subject of ecological transition. It's urgent ...

Interview at the end of December 2021

"A society which survives by creating artificial needs to efficiently produce unnecessary consumer goods does not appear likely to respond in the long term to the challenges posed by the degradation of our environment" Pierre Joliot-Curie - Biologist

Can capitalism cope with environmental challenges? - Heureka

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