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I am passionate about science mainly physics,  by art, by  history, through the history of science,  through the history of art.
I like to understand what is behind what I see.
I like to relate the places I visit to the history that surrounds them.
I like to relate the story to places that I have been able to visit.
I like art in general, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, ...
I like the
  journals  scientists, books on art and history,  novels, biographies, detective novels
, comics ...
I like concerts
  pop rock.

I like meeting friends over a good drink.

I love the lemon pie ...

I love life what!





And  you ... if you like little science stories,

send me a message.

Do not hesitate ...

Ah, I forgot ... I also love and I  practice running.

I have  some marathons and trails  under the soles. Corn  above all, what  I appreciate in  this sport is  contact with nature and with others,  cavalcades with friends on the trails and forest paths of the Paris region.

I also love mountain walks.

It allows me to clear my head while keeping  the form :)

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